Mudfest events are one of the fastest growing entertainments in the country. People tell me I’ve always wanted to go, but I don’t have an off-road vehicle. And there right, most Mudfest are not set up for people without a mud vehicle. Well, not at Saint Lucie Mudjam. There’s plenty for you to do. First there’s the Budweiser Pit-side Tailgate Party, grab your tent & grill its party time. At Mudjam, people can tailgate pit-side all day long cheering on their favorite mud machine, cookout on the grill or hit vendors row. You may want to rent a golf cart, load everyone on and cruise around. Or jump on the huge hayride and take a tour of the park. We are also holding South Florida’s Best Mud Race, with classes for buggies, trucks and ATV’s. You will see drag racing side by side and an obstacle course with jumps shooting these trucks in the sky, winners take the cash, gifts & a trophy. Anyone can enter. When six o’clock rolls around head over to the stage and get ready for a music filled night with live entertainment. After the bands end go to The After Dark Fire Pit Buggy Party it’s insane. Our night riding/partying is such a big hit; make sure your lights work. We now have the baddest natural mud holes that will eat up anything you put in them. Just look at the pictures on the website. When the parties over, don’t rush home, head back to your site and build a campfire and stay the night. Vendor’s row has a full breakfast menu. So see, there is a ton for you to do. Grab the family and a tent, there’s plenty of firewood here and come give St. Lucie Mudjam a try.