You asked, so we did it, we opened up two natural mud area's. We are also holding a Mud Drag Race. With classes for buggies, trucks, ATV's. You will race side by side; winners take the cash, gifts & a trophy. 100% payout from entry fee. People told me they found their favorite spots on our 500 acres.  We have also widened the roads and put traffic loops at each end of the road. So traffic will flow more steadily while cruising. There is now a three mile long party trail that everyone can ride. Buggies we have the best cruising you will ever have with night riding too. Yeehaw!

Have you noticed many mudfest events have become ATV unfriendly, not at Mudjam. We have built you a new mudpit for ATV’s only. I was asked for a snorkel ditch, well you better bring a mask too! I built a circle ditch that you will find extremely challeging. This is truly a dream come true for ATV"s. You also found your own soupy mud spots on your own. You know from our last event there is some of the best riding trails around. If you own an ATV, load it up and come on out.